Day 273: Black lives matter

I don’t feel entitled to even try and begin making commentary on the current issues, especially on a sobriety blog, but I also don’t feel comfortable pretending like this reality doesn’t exist.

I am thinking of all of the people suffering in the world today, regardless of the bodies into which they were born.


PS. Please avoid using the BLM slogan on social media with a hashtag if you are expressing sympathy–it floods the feeds and drowns crucial information and safety tips needed for those who are out in the streets protesting, or who want to know how to donate etc.

Sending love,


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11 thoughts on “Day 273: Black lives matter

  1. Awesome and necessary post. 🙏🙌💛 I have been doing some BLM things on another blog but admittedly just realized I’ve neglected things over here. It gets very confusing in this regard, having several blogs, and there is only so much time in a day. Super glad for your post Anne, and good point about the hashtag. Thanks and hugs. xoxo


      1. nope 🙂 haha between trying not to disappear for too long from this one and PhD writing, there is no way I can juggle any more writing. I am fantasizing about growing vegetables and swimming in lakes and not having to read or write another line for a looooong time 😉 xxx

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  2. This is a tough one to know how to be vocal about in a way that makes a difference, especially when being silent isn’t really an option either! Thanks for sharing something. I’m new to the sober blogosphere and just getting to know the voices out here, and am appreciating yours!


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