Day 25: blaaaaaaargh!

This is going to be a short one. I just woke up and am going on a hike by the beach with a close friend in a few minutes. It’s going to be wonderful, but I also planned it as a “survival strategy” that I pulled out of my survival kit/toolbox, because THESE DAYS, THINGSContinue reading “Day 25: blaaaaaaargh!”

Day 22: Three Weeks Already?!

Edit. Wow, everyone I follow on WordPress seems to have been really struggling today and/or yesterday. I hope everyone feels better soon and I am grateful to have these inspiring people’s stories and online presence in my new AF life. Here goes today’s post. Looking back at these last three weeks, the first thing thatContinue reading “Day 22: Three Weeks Already?!”

Day 19: Facing Fear (sober^^)

It’s been a tough couple of days, for reasons completely unrelated to alcohol. I adopted a cat from a shelter a few days ago, who turned out to be very, very sick. She had a 105.2 fever yesterday (106 is organ failure), the cause of which is unknown, but probably due to complications linked toContinue reading “Day 19: Facing Fear (sober^^)”

Day 14: Two Weeks!

Two week, y’all… hooraaaaay ! How time has flown by!! I almost want to make the “standing ovation” joke, as does my buddy Jim Simmonds in his own “two-week alcohol free” post (check out his blog if you haven’t already!) But as Jim so wisely says: two weeks is “OK, not bad. It’s aContinue reading “Day 14: Two Weeks!”

Day 10: The Sober Rollercoaster

I’ve been putting off writing this post because every time I feel like doing it, I know that an hour later I will probably be in a completely different state of mind, and the post will not be representative of the “Day” which, for some strange reason, I think it it meant to represent. I’ve alsoContinue reading “Day 10: The Sober Rollercoaster”

Day 6: Bye bye comfort zone !

I’ve been sober for 6 days, and already I’ve done a bunch of random stuff that took me out of my comfort zone: I attended an evangelist fundraiser for kids in Zambia (that was easy cause the evangelist people don’t drink, there was no alcohol served – haha), I’ve worked as a hostess for aContinue reading “Day 6: Bye bye comfort zone !”

Day 4: Grief?

Wow. I started meditating again after a two week long break. I usually do 1h – 1h30 a day, split into two or three sessions. This morning, I did 40 minutes, 20 of which were spent weeping. Weeping for no specific reason, it seemed at first. Then it became clearer: weeping because of the deepContinue reading “Day 4: Grief?”

Day 2: Here we go!

Yep, you heard, me: day 2, not 1.  Why, you ask? Because, my friend, for me, day 1 was spent in bed, running to the bathroom to puke bile every hour, nursing the worst hangover I have had in a very very long time.  Sigh. Let me rewind a little bit.  Two weeks ago, IContinue reading “Day 2: Here we go!”

Two weeks to go – the grey zone.

Two weeks to go before I quit drinking. I mean, quit for a long time, quit for “real”. (As if the 11 last days weren’t real). Last night for the first time in 12 days, I drank alcohol. At a dinner party, with friends. There were no disasters, no embarrassing events, no regrets. A slightContinue reading “Two weeks to go – the grey zone.”

Five things I learnt after 11 days alcohol free

It hadn’t happened in a long time. For the first time in years I made a daily choice to live without alcohol, and 11 days later, here is what I have learnt. Drinking takes up way more time than you would expect Planning it, doing it, regretting it, recovering from it, planning it again, resisting,Continue reading “Five things I learnt after 11 days alcohol free”

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